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The Oogie Boogie Rockers

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But until then, here is some brief info on who we are, and what we do. If you wish to see our vids, (if you haven't already) please click the youtube link at the bottom of the page.

The "Band":

Basically, there are three core members of OBR:

George D'range: Songwriter, singer, producer, engineering, harmonica, rhythm and slide guitar

The Doktor Unmerciful: Songwriter, singer, lead guitars, bass, keyboards & some production

Sinister Sam K.: Songwriter, singer, rhythm guitar, keyboards


All of us interchange jobs every now and again, but we all have our specialties, too.

Only George plays harps, The Doktor plays leads on 99 out of 100 songs, and Sam

has a knack for the wacky and is the most whimsical among us,

and the best love song writer.

Artwork and design is by George D'range or The Doktor. 

All Videos to date are by Kipp McLeod. 

A Message from Angry Chimp Studios

We at "the Chimp" feel that if you are nearby, and in need of a place to drop some tracks, you shouldn't have to pay through the nose for lush facilities —and trust me they aren't— so feel free to email George D'Range at any time and we'll see if we can't help you. BYOG or bring your own gear, if necessary. This is an apartment, so no accoustic trap sets, please.

Anarchy means "no leaders", not "no order"…

We choose to run this music project (I hesitate to use the term "band", as we have never performed live) in a truly democratic way. I may be the pricipal song writer, and The Doktor Unmerciful is our musical mentor, but he, Sininster Sam K. and myself all have equal votes and stakes in this thing. How can three egos possibly accomplish such a thing? Well an abscence of money and live performance helps, but whatever the reason, it's been working for going on 10 years. For more info on OBR, feel free to write:


If you really want to get an idea of who we are until

this site is finished, you can check out our videos here: